About Me

Who is Zachary Kenney

Just an abnormal guy in his twenties with a passion to explore the world and find adventure along the way. I am an mechanical engineer during the day and always on the move when I'm not in the office. I fell in love with making videos on my GoPro Hero2 and sharing them with all my friends when I was in college. It was then, I realized, that I had a passion for telling a story through videos to inspire people to get out and live a life to the fullest. Most of my videos now feature adventures during my traveling and outdoor activities. I grew up playing organized sports like lacrosse, and it wasn’t until I moved to New England after college, did I really begin enjoying everything the outdoors had to offer. Ever since then I live every day planning my next trip and figuring out what mountain I can climb next. I currently based out of Salt Lake City.

What is www.zacharykenney.com

I am not a writer, nor do I pretend to be. But I do enjoy sharing the stories about my trips and showing what I’ve learned from them. I do this with the hopes that each day it will get someone outside and experience all the wonders that the outdoors has to offer. My long term goal of this site is to one day benefit someone else’s trip or spark the motivation to follow their own passions to live out their drams, whatever they may be. So whether it's rock climbing, skiing, or traveling, I always capture my experiences and plan to tell that story through videos and pictures. 90% of my content will be taking place in the mountains because I have tend to have a natural affinity towards the mountains. I think after spending my entire life in the flat land of Jersey, there is something about the mountains that is constantly calling me. Luckily I'm always willing to answer that call every single time!

Where am I

I'm currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah, so most of my stories & videos will focus on my adventures in the Wasatch Mountains. But my passion for the mountains began when I moved to New England after college. That region opened my eyes to so many different activities from surfing to skiing, because of how close everything was up there. I try to travel around the states and other countries as much as I possibly can. I grew up in New Jersey and attended college in Pennsylvania. And up until then, I had spent my entire life on the east coast, which is why I yearn to travel and see the world now. I've been on trips to Europe, Central America, and throughout the United States. I simply love to see the world and plan on experiencing life on every continent before I'm 30.