Brownstone Adventure Park & Wakeboarding

Brownstone Adventure Park described in 2 words would be: Athletic Waterpark. It’s not your typical slides and pee-filled pools. From the minute you walk in the park gates, you have people flying over you on zip-lines. Brownstone Park was an old quarry turned water park circa 1999. I heard about this place when I googled wakeboarding in the area and found out that they had a cable park here also. So I dragged my friends down for a Saturday afternoon to go jump off things and get wet, they willingly obliged.

They have everything you could want out of an adult, athletic version of a water park: Tarzan Rope swings that fly you 15+ feet into the air, a 25 cliff jump into what seems like a bottomless water filled quarry, a floating blob that’s right out of the movie Heavyweights, kayaking, and a ton of floating obstacles. But some of the most fun that is had there is on an 80 foot high zip line that crosses nearly the entire length of the park. Hanging out on the edge at the top of the cliff as you’re getting harnessed into the line will definitely give you some anxiety, but once jump off it’s an incredible ride. Hang upside-down for a couple of seconds as you speed down the line until you right yourself and slide across the water at high speed.

The water temperature is perfect on a hot day and the most fun is had at the two wakeboarding cables in the back of the park. They have two features on the one set which can always make for a great time catching some solid air. Note: You cannot use the jump ramps, dock starts, or short rope if you are using one of their boards. But at the end of the day we were all completely exhausted. We did every we wanted… as many times as we could. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend making a stop here in Portland, CT for an awesome time.


Don’t Forget to:

-Go as early as possible. All the amusements get really long lines around/after 12:00PM.

-Try everything at least once…. Even the tallest cliff jump.

-Bring your own lunch. Not that they don’t have food there, but it’s not too impressive amusement park food.

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