Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona

Planning on visiting Barcelona during your next trip to Europe? If you weren’t, then you better put it on your list now! Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and most entertaining cities in the world. Check out the TOP 10 things to see and do in Barcelona, Spain.

  1. Go to Las Ramblas for some dinner and drinks
    This street is known for being a tourist trap, but it is still an incredible time.  All the restaurants are outdoors and serve the exact same dishes, so just go to the least crowded one. Drink beer out of huge mugs and enjoy people watching all the performers on the strip. The sights and fun are unforgettable.
  1. Check out all the works of Antoni Gaudi
    You can’t take a step in Barcelona without seeing one of his masterpieces or hearing about one. His most famous, La Sagrada Familia, is an architectural wonder that is a must-see. Try to visit as many as you can during your stay. The major sites are the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Park Guell, Palau Guell, and more.
  1. Rent bikes and take them on a ride all over the city and along the beaches. The city is very bike friendly and the bike path along the beach is the perfect way to see the entire coastline of Barcelona. Watch as it transitions from big city to costal town right before your eyes. For bike rentals check out
  1. Go see a Flamenco Dancing show
    A cultural experience like no other. Sip on sangria as while you enter a trance like state when watching the performers dance the evening away on stage at the Los Tarantos.
  2. Relax on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and go for a swim
    All the beaches along the Barcelona coast are amazing; but the further north you go, the less touristy the beaches will seem. Go find your own and enjoy.
  1. Eat and people watch in La Boqueria
    It is an incredible market that has everything from smoothies to seafood. Go with an empty stomach and just walk around the entire place, trying anything that catches your eye.

  2. Go Clubbing!
    Take a cab over to Passeig Martim and spend all night in one of the world famous clubs on the beach. Get ready for a pricey cover charge, but the clubs are completely open to the outside and face the beaches. Grab some of your hostel mates and go clubbing at Opium or Pacha.
  1. Visit the Museo Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya for a festival
    This picturesque mall that leads to the National Building hosts multiple festivals throughout the year which are not to be missed. Vendors come from all over the world to take part in the festivities. Not to mention the spectacular view the Museo holds from the top of the steps.
  1. Party all night on the beaches
    I would say this is a low-key option to clubbing, but then I would be lying. Local guys walk up and down the beaches selling cold six packs of beer for  6 Euro.  Tons of people are out on on the beaches at night, so you’ll never be short of a crew to hang out with. The combination of the warm waters and music blasting from the clubs, makes for some epic nights.
  1. Engorge yourself in endless tapas
    You cannot leave Barcelona without going to at least one endless tapas and sangria night. Ask around to find the best restaurants.

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