Feiyu Tech 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer | Mountain Bike Review & Unboxing

After getting a few rides in with this Gimbal, I sat down to review the pros & cons of the Feiyu Tech FY-WG 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro HERO 4, 3+ and 3. It is an absolutely incredible & necessary piece of filming equipment for those looking to get solid footy from their rides out on the trails and beyond.

First off, the gimbal does exactly what is expected of it. It keeps all the footy buttery smooth no matter if you are turning hard into berms, flying off jumps, crushing rock gardens, or what ever the trail could throw at you. This is my only experience with a wearable gimbal, but I’ve seen enough footage to make judgements. For the price point it sits at, it cannot be beat.

I did notice, when you have your camera in wide angle mode, the arm of the gimbal will get in the corner of the shots if you’re facing too far downhill. Second, it doesn’t recover from a hard knock to the camera very well. It causes you to have to turn the device off and on to reset the camera into position. Third, like most gimbals, the GoPro case does not fit in the mount. This requires you to have a naked camera out there to face the trails just like you do (hopefully you’re not naked though). And this led me to buy a camera lens cover for about $5. Fits on perfectly and stays there. This will prevent (fingers crossed) any damage to the GoPro lens if it hits any branches or parts of my bike. And since there is no case, it renders your GoPro susceptible to any rain you might face, but the Gimbal isn’t waterproof either. So if it starts to rain, hurry up and put it in your pack.
Battery is not an issue, the battery will last for 2hours straight of working stabilization. I tend to turn it off when I’m in a boring section of trail or it won’t look good on video. Additionally, it’s incredibly light weight (6.6oz), so don’t worry about having to take out weight from your bike so you don’t affect your performance…
The button is super easy to press, use, and find without looking at. Just hold for 2 seconds to turn on, and 3 seconds to turn off. One press while it’s on to adjust the camera angle by 90 degrees. Also, if you want to adjust the camera angle up or down by a few degrees to capture more of the trail or more of the bike, simply turn the camera and hold it there. It’ll stay in that position until you turn it off. But every time you turn it back on, it will look dead straight forward.

I cannot commend this gimbal enough. It gives me everything I was looking for to turn all that shitty, shaky footage into something worth watching is well worth the money. This was not sponsored by Feiyu Tech and this review was under my own opinion.

Link to Gimbal: http://a.co/9cSHyAD
Link to Lens Cover: http://a.co/7OnDpDw

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