I Won! Outside TV Video of the Month

At some point over the summer I found out Outside TV was creating their own content platform, similar to YouTube, called Outside TV Campfire. You upload your videos from your adventures to share with others who have epic adventures. Each month there’s a contest for the best videos. They pick a video each week to be the video of the week for a prize, and then one video gets picked each month to be the video of the month for a grand prize!

And guess what? 

I won for the video of the month October 2018. 

I still can’t believe it, and won’t believe it until the prizes actually show up at my door step. I’m stoked to create new content using the gear that I won, especially the bike!

They had to edit the full video for social media format, if you want to see the full video and stories below.

To read the full adventure Check it out here:

The Plan 
Day 1 
Day 2 
Day 3

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