First Camping in the Uinta Mountains

Rarely do spontaneous camping trip plans actually happen. Sure, the idea always gets thrown around after a night of drinking, but we usually never follow through with them. Some how, this past weekend was completely different. After throwing around plans to do a quick, overnight camping trip during the day on Friday, we settled on a night in the Uinta Mountains on Saturday night. Even as Saturday rolled around, we still weren’t sure we’d make it. But wouldn’t you know it, the plans all came together and we met up with 4 of our other friends outside of Kamas to head into the National Forest together. With this summer sun not setting until after 9PM, our late start to get there was no problem. We drove up the dirt road to a site we could camp out, with an epic view of the setting sun, only to realize it would have been very exposed to the wind we were sure to get that night. So we headed up the road even further to a tucked away spot covered by pine trees. A rare sight in Utah. Getting there proved to be the most interesting part though. I don’t have a 4×4, and this road was not gentle on my Scion tC. Nevertheless, I made it right behind our friends and we had an incredible night under the crystal clear sky, drinking beers around a campfire, staring at the stars, and roasting hotdogs and corn over the open fire.

Check out the gallery below:

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