Mountain Biking Fruita, Colorado with Gregor the Trail Dog

When it comes to mountain biking, there’s simply no bad days. Whether it’s a cruiser lap on the local trails, or an all out sufferfest that takes all day. Mountain biking is amazing. Yet, there are some rides that I’ll never forget. And a Saturday spent riding in Colorado with my fiancé, Courtney, and our trail dog, Gregor will be one of those best rides of my life.

The ride was nothing out of this world, a simple, yet challenging loop at 18 Road trail system north of Fruita, Colorado. We rode from our campsite, up to the forest road to Frontside, traversed the base of the bluff before descending down PBR. The riding was incredible, a true mix between the desert riding of Moab and the mountain trails of Park City. All in total, just under 10 miles and way too many smiles to count.

But the real reason why this ride will be so memorable to me is because of who I was with. After a long summer of riding with the my buddies, I really didn’t get a chance to ride with Court and Gregor that often. This was really our first ride together in a long while and it couldn’t have been better. We were both challenged on sections of the trail that put each of our skill sets to the test. Gregor, as per usual, had zero problems with any section. And on that ride, we just enjoyed being back in the desert, together as a family, riding bikes. We chatted about this wild place, where we planned to get married, and everything in between.

Then watching, over my shoulder, the two of them chase me down PBR and being able to spin around to capture a few photos here and there made it even better. Then, just before we reached camp, we descended down the last hill on the dirt, forest road. I looked back to capture a photo of Gregor in an all out sprint, with Courtney right behind. This picture says it all, and has it all (for me at least). It captures a moment in time. One where Gregor is as happy as can be, with Courtney stoked to be riding (and almost done), and this absolutely stunning desert landscape behind us. This is why it’s a ride I’ll never forget!

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