Video: My Cirque Series Experience

The Cirque Series has been on my bucket list ever since 2017 when I saw them for the first time. The idea of running all the way up to the peak of a mountain, and then back down seemed crazy. But at the same time, I couldn’t help wanting to throw my hat in the ring on race day. Well, on Saturday, September 7th, my “wish” came true. Holy Sh!t… this was the toughest single event I’ve ever done, including the Grand Teton, and it was worth every, single, painful stride.

The mapped race was 8.7 mile course with 3,566 ft of climbing. Starting from the base area, climbing up the cirque to the summit of Hidden Peak, then down to the saddle before climbing up to Mt. Baldy, followed by a steep descent into Mineral Basin, through the Peruvian Tunnel, and ends with a scorching downhill sprint to the finish line.

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