Screw New Years Resolutions.. Make Goals for 2019

Reposting this article for 2019 since it will always be relevant. 
And I’ve updated it with my goals for the year.

Forget about them! Resolutions are absolutely pointless. We all (myself included) make these unobtainable requests of ourselves to become the perfect version of ourselves… overnight. That is simply not how it should work, yet we do this every single year and are left disappointed by the end of February. Of course, the time of year never helps since most of us wish to be healthier and more active, in the coldest and shortest days of the year.

This is my case to rebrand the whole New Years Resolution letdown into simply, “Goals for the year.” What’s the difference? Resolutions are more like hopes and dreams that we hold to be distant, and usually unobtainable. Goals, on the other hand, have specific dates for completion and steps to achieve it. And unlike those pesky resolutions, goals can (and should be) revisited daily, weekly, and monthly. There are a million articles and self help authors out there to help you achieve your goals (via quick google search), but I can’t stress the crucial fact to start small. For example: Do not make your goal to run a marathon if you aren’t an avid runner, otherwise you’ll become discouraged once you realize how much training is involved. Start by forcing yourself to run 1-3 times per week at any distance/pace.

Revisit this goal come spring, when you can more accurately determine where you are in your progress/training and then pick an goal of 5K,10K, Half, or full marathon. This example can obviously be extrapolated for anything from eating healthy and loosing weight to becoming more outgoing and adventurous. Set your goal to eliminate/replace 1 bad food per week, don’t just go clean cold-turkey. Plan to go on one road trip/hike per month and build from there.

So here is my list of goals I will set out to accomplish during this year. I’m sharing these with the hopes that I not only motivate you to do the same, but also in hopes that my friends hold me accountable to these. In parenthesis are the steps I will use to accomplish the goal and benchmark against when I revisit them:

Daily/Wellness Goals

  • 30 Pull-ups per day (20 more than currently)
  • No fast food (Find better restaurants to eat at after long hikes/workouts)
  • Get outside to ski/bike/climb/run/hike 7 days per week (2 more days than currently)
  • Post 1 new post/video/photo every week

Activity Goals

  • 50 Days of Skiing (Currently at 18 days)
  • Climb 5.12- by June 30th (by climbing 2x per week)
  • Ride the iconic Slickrock Mountain bike Trail in Moab
  • 30 Nights Camping outside (spent 31 nights in 2018)
  • Take my AAIRE 1 Course (scheduled for February)
  • Take a WFR Course (need to schedule)
  • Spend one night in: Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, and Montana
  • 1,000 Insta Followers (Post photos/videos every day)
  • Travel to 1 new foreign country (Plan to visit new providence in Canada and maybe Japan)
  • 100 Bike Rides/1,000+ miles/100K Vert (Bike 2-3x per week)
  • Climb the Grand Teton
  • Summit Mount Timpanogos, Kings Peak, and one 14er.
  • Sign up for 5 races (MTB & Trail races)

Personal Goals

  • Buy a house/condo in Park City, UT
  • Submit a film to a film festival

If you’d like some motivation or someone to keep track or compete with you on your goals, message me! Game on.

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