Diary of a Backpacker | Catskills | [Video]

Tried my best to capture some of the misadventures that we all experience while on the trail. From getting lost, going in the wrong direction, running out of food & water, struggles with being bear-proof, shitty views, you name it. But it wasn’t all bad, even though it was very humid and hot in NY, the Catskills have amazing mountains to climb and beautiful landscapes to admire. This hike took us on an overnight through the Burroughs Range which is highlighted by Slide Mountain.

My friend Eddie and his girlfriend, Courtney, invited me to join them on an overnight during the 4th of July weekend. It sounded like an epic time and I’m so glad I was able to join them, even though it was one struggle after the next. See you soon Catskills.

Come back soon for the full post.



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