Scuba Diving with Sharks & Turtles on the Island of Moorea in Tahiti (VIDEO)

Getting to dive with Black Tip Reef Sharks was a dream come true, and not just one, but a handful that surrounded us throughout our dives! This island is a true paradise that hasn’t been corrupted by tourism or resource extraction. Tahiti and Moorea was pure beauty both above and below the water! I cannot recommend this dive enough. Enjoy watching the video, as it’s the closest I can try to share the experience with you! Even watching it over again, has transported me back below the water and surrounded by those beautiful sharks again!

The two dive shops that we went through for these 4 dives were with Moorea Blue Diving and SCUBAPITI. The Moorea blue was a much larger outfit, with a lot of dive masters on the boat with a lot of guests. Their dive masters, though very skilled at showing us the reef, were a little more cowboy than I’d like in the way they interacted with the marine life. Scubapiti on the other hand, were the exact opposite. The shop had only 2 divemasters working, and when we went out, one dive master came on the dive as well as was our captain. So it was a much more intimate experience. Other than that, I’d recommend them both, over and over again!

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