Lessons Learned from Skiing Teton Pass… like a Jerry

No matter who you are, or where you ski, when it comes to skiing of Teton Pass, prepare yourself and have an open mind. I start by saying this not because of how technical or difficult the skiing is off the Pass, because it isn’t. I say this because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that my friends and I made on a weekend in February last year. And we made fools of ourselves. Teton Pass is the main thru-way from Jackson, Wyoming to Victor, Idaho that crosses over the southern portion of the Teton Range. Being …

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Photo Gallery | Skiing Jackson Hole

I’ll be the first to tell you how lucky I am to have Jackson Hole located within a 4.5hr drive from me. That isn’t much further than Stowe was from where I lived in Hartford, CT. Needless to say, when my two buddies, Kyle and Pete, said they were headed up there for the weekend to ski, I jumped on the opportunity. The original plan was to ski a big line in Grand Teton National Park, but Jackson was getting dumped on the preceding couple days. With avalanche danger too high, we resorted to coughing up some $$$ and bought day passes to ski Jackson Hole (pun intended). Not a bad backup plan.

After working our way through the endless lift lines, we finally reached the Thunder Chair where we spent nearly the entire day. Lap after lap, we skied the woods under the Thunder Chair and Tower Three Chute. And the snow dumping and wind whipping, we were finding deep snow all day long! Here’s some of the photos from the shoot.

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Jackson, Wyoming | Tetons Adventure [Video]

The Tetons of Wyoming are epic, and definitely worth the short drive up from Utah. So Court & I took our pup Gregor there for his first big trip. We camped for 4 nights, just outside of town, up at at Curtis Canyon. From there, we explored the town, mountains, and Grand Teton National Park. It was such a simple trip, with no real planned agenda. And that’s what made it so memorable.

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