Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Mexico. Home of one of the most stereotypical spring break spots, ever since MTV began airing it back in the early 2000s. This was my 3rd and final spring break in college. We’d gone to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Nassau, Bahamas on our previous 2 spring breaks, but this was the one I would go out on! By this point I would consider myself an experienced guy on the party style spring breaks. Cancun was a whole new animal. People from around the globe flock to this tropical paradise by the sea for piece of the action. We met people from Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, and all over the Americas.

Staying at OASIS was an awesome decision. A hotel built for one thing and one thing only, to party. From the moment you enter the doors, it’s a nonstop party. There’s a stage right on the beach that had The Manufactured Superstars DJ’ing at 2PM as a part of the Inception Music Festival for that week. Every day was the same amazingly hellish routine: Wake up still feeling the night before, eat anything you could for breakfast, head right to the big pool and start getting your money’s worth at the pool bars.


Once your daily shenanigans are done with we made moves into the downtown Cancun, where we had no-cover wristbands for some of the largest clubs I’ve ever been to. A club called, The City, was as large as a NBA arena. 4 stories that all surround a massive dance floor. Each night we went to a new club that all felt like gigantic night of clubbing blended together with incredible music… If you like EDM that is.


Talking about safety in Cancun. I had friends who were not allowed to go due to their parent’s safety concerns. It is a completely understandable concern, bad things can happen to the American tourists, as seen in the news. But in the three trips I’ve taken, I’ve never felt I was in a bit of danger. The locals were all incredibly nice, and hilarious (if you speak Spanish you will get their jokes). Like traveling anywhere, don’t be stupid and use your common sense. Never travel alone, but in the case you do get separated try not to look like a lost puppy. Walking with determination can be the difference between a safe walk home or getting pick-pocketed and left with nothing.

Don’t Forget to::

-Make change for your USD into Pesos. Being able to tip at least 1Peso (10 cents) will get you further than you having to use your only bills you brought down ($10s & $20s). It will make tipping so much easier and your service will come faster.

-Hydrate! Whether that means downing some awful Mexican beer or getting Gatorade from a convenience store, DO IT! You’re out in the sun all day drinking sugary drinks with bottom shelf alcohol in them, you will be far from hydrated.

-Always have a plan to get back to the hotel. That means, don’t spend that last $ you have on a drink when you could use it to secure a cab ride home at 4:00AM if needed.

-Enjoy your time! You will never see 99.9% on that trip again so go out and have fun! But be careful, and remember everyone has a camera on them nowadays.

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