Awe Inspiring Hike to Candy Cliffs | Campfire Stories

What if I told you there was another place, equally as stunning as those hikes in Utah’s National Parks, that you could have all to yourself. Well that place is called Yant Flat or Candy Cliffs. And these cliffs are just outside of St. George in Southwest Utah.

“It was like we were standing at the top of “The Wave” in Arizona and on the summit of Angels Landing in Zion all at once. The colors in the sandstone twisted and ran down to the canyon floor. Across the canyon were staggering, pointed peaks of deep orange and tan rock. But the most bizarre part of it was the dragon scale-like rock pattern that covered everything we walked on. Octagonal shapes, separated by cracks in the rock, blanketed the sandstone for as far as we could see. To add to the mystique, scrub brush and trees grew from the rock’s surface, inspiring that life will always find a way in these harsh desert environments.”

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