Posting New Content vs Accountability | Vlog S2|E2

Like most of you, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and endlessly scroll through Instagram. Watching the daily vlogs Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, Ryan VanDuzer, SingleTrackSampler, and BKXC to name just a few. Their stories and content are awesome. Every day, or nearly every other day, posting new videos. Some about nothing, others pretty epic. 

But one thing they have in common, is that they are always posting. So does posting this much hold you accountable? Accountable to a life adventure?

What do you think? Does social media keep you accountable?

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Angel Lake Adventures with Gregor the Adventure Dog

Spent the last weekend of summer at a high alpine lake in deserts of Nevada with Court & Gregor. It’s safe to say, Gregor loved the trip. Hiking and swimming are his two favorite things to do! We got to the campsite at night, so waking up, surrounded by these peaks were incredible. We spent the weekend hiking and swimming around Angel Lake and Smith Lake. Gregor was so tired after 3 straight days of these adventures!

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Live Where You Vacation | Vlog S2|E1

I’m Starting the vlog back up again, but this time, with a purpose! Rather than just filming the everyday adventures in the mountains or the nonsense with the pup, I wanted to make short videos about an idea that I have. Each episode will feature a new idea or problem that I’ve been thinking about or wrestling in my mind. This one is about how living in a vacation/ski town has changed my life. Check it out!

Future Episodes will touch on the following subjects: Go Hiking, All your videos will suck, Go out west, Supporting your local Bike Shop, Even if I fail and nothing comes from this, and Keeping yourself accountable.  

Hope you tag along, and enjoy this new 

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Jackson, Wyoming | Tetons Adventure [Video]

The Tetons of Wyoming are epic, and definitely worth the short drive up from Utah. So Court & I took our pup Gregor there for his first big trip. We camped for 4 nights, just outside of town, up at at Curtis Canyon. From there, we explored the town, mountains, and Grand Teton National Park. It was such a simple trip, with no real planned agenda. And that’s what made it so memorable.

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The Pfeifferhorn [Video]

The Wasatch Range has been an incredible place to explore since moving here. The landscape and topography varies so much in such short distance, and the cottonwoods are the epitome of that diversity. And the Pfeifferhorn has been the most epic hike yet! In just under 10 miles, you climb and scramble up nearly 4,000 vertical feet. A true classic that you must do.   For the full story, check it out here info for the Hike   

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Norway | Seeking Wanderlust [Video]

Discovering Norway for ourselves on a road trip through the mountains. Every place we passed through was more beautiful than the last. Mountains and Fjords that captured the imagination whether from the roadside or on top of a summit. This place was truly made for those looking to fill their sense of wonder. The trip took us through Alesund, Andalsnes, Loen, Flam, and Bergen. We both have been to Iceland, and this place is far better.  

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Video Shooting, Editing, & Producing Tips

Having been shooting, editing, and producing videos for the past 5+ years, and I’ve definitely run into my fair share of problems. These issues range from video quality, audio recording and playback, and general story continuity for the final cut of the video. I figured I’d start to write down some of the tips and things I’ve learned along the way to give others a help in avoiding these issues/mistakes/bad practices. Note, I edit on Final Cut Pro 10 (FCPX), but all these tips can be extrapolated for use in Adobe, iMovie, cellphone apps, GoPro editor, etc. Video Video Transitions …

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Brosta Rica | Seeking Wanderlust [Video]

The epic Costa Rican surf trip for a group of friends that far exceeded every expectation we had set for the trip. With one goal in mind, to surf as much as possible at all the major breaks in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica, we surfed at least two different spots each day. And of course, we had to take breaks and explore the diverse inland region near La Fortuna. Needless to say, a week was not enough to check out all the Volcanos, Caves, Waterfalls, Jungles, and different surf breaks. I can’t wait to go back… especially with …

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