The Colorado Summer Road Trip | Video

This trip was something Courtney and I have been dreaming about since moving out to the West. Yet, it’s been something we’ve been putting off for years because it was almost too feasible. Unlike a vacation that requires plane tickets and months of planning, this trip was comparatively easy. Our plan was to drive around to a bunch of mountain and ski towns of Colorado during the summer months, camping just outside of each town. That way, there was no reservations, not deadlines, just get in the truck and go. For this reason, we’ve just put it off year after year. That is, until this year!

The planned route for the trip was to start in Park City, UT, head first to Silverton, next to Crested Butte, then to Leadville, and finally ending in Snowmass/Aspen. We figured on spending 2 nights in each town. But the best part of this trip, was that each town was only separated by 2-3 hours which makes a world of difference compared to our trip to Oregon or Banff where it felt like the entire trip was spent driving. 

This is that amazing trip!

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