SCUBA Diving in Maui, Hawaii | VIDEO

Our trip to Maui this summer was centered around the opportunity to go SCUBA Diving. I got my open water certification just a week before flying to Hawaii. For my first real open ocean diving experience, it exceeded all of my expectations, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dive. We booked two dives with Maui Dive Shop which has a few dive shops around the island. On the day of the dive, we drove down to Maalaea Harbor where we’d meet the crew and hop onboard their charter. We lucked out and only had 3 other divers join us. They took us out of the harbor and motored along the coast until we hit the dive sites: Temple of Doom and Stonewall. Both were drift dives due to the current, which means they dropped us off, we dove down, floated with the current, and then the boat picked us up a half-mile away.

We saw countless fish on the reef and many sea turtles while we were down there. Being 60feet under a vast ocean surface was such a peaceful experience, but also an exciting one. Both dives on this day were equally incredible and such an unforgettable experience for my first times really diving. Later in the week, we did a shore dive off Ulua Beach, near where we were staying. That dive was even more exciting because it truly felt like we could stay down there forever at those shallow depths. I’m absolutely hooked on SCUBA Diving and can’t wait to go again. Check out the video from our dives!

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