Backcountry Skiing 101: Video Series

In this Backcountry Skiing 101 Series, I’m going to breakdown all the little pieces that go into a day backcountry skiing or snowboarding. We’ll touch on going uphill, transitioning to the downhill, working with your avalanche equipment, rescue scenarios, and fun backcountry powder skiing.

This series is not intended to replace official AIARE or Avalanche Safety Courses offered by professionals. This is merely a series for those who are sticking to resort touring, or might have some questions about ski touring and need some help. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or helpful tips that you’d like to share.

This video, we focus on on transitioning from the uphill skinning to downhill skiing. We touch on layering up, removing and storing skins, getting boots and skis into downhill mode, and a few tips in between.

This video, we focus on on deploying, using, and retracting your avalanche probe. This can be used to locate a partner during an avalanche, while digging and inspecting a snow pit, or just checking snow depth.

Plans for this series are to be an ever-evolving video series where I touch on many things that I’ve learned over my few years I’ve spent backcountry skiing. This series is intended to help those looking to get into the backcountry, as well as those who are seasoned-vets looking to hone their skills with additional knowledge and tips.

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