Full Van Tour & Build Video | Adventure Campervan Ford Transit 350 AWD

After dreaming about building an adventure-ready campervan for over 10 years, my wife and I finally build our dream rig in 2023. We chose the big Ford Transit 350 Extended AWD as the base for our build-out to live, cook, and work out of. So far, we’ve been on the road for over 2 months and loving every minute of living on the road and living out of our van! This build took us the better part of 5 months straight and was completely exhausting. No sponsors, no outside help, just my wife and I spending every night after our normal jobs to get this dream across the finish-line.

Check out the Van Tour below, as well as some of our experiences building out the van and traveling (so-far). As for resources on how to build your own campervan, I cannot recommend FarOutRide and Explorist.Life enough. Enjoy!

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