Review: North Face Ventrix Hoodie

Each year, companies come out with their new line of apparel. And each year I think the same thing. How could this lineup be any different than last years’, or the year before that? And how could they justify the price tag they put on it. Especially when it’s not uncommon for pullovers to run a price tag over $100, shells to be in the $200-$400 range, and beefy down jackets to be anywhere from $200-$800+. It’s absurd!

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Live Where You Vacation | Vlog S2|E1

I’m Starting the vlog back up again, but this time, with a purpose! Rather than just filming the everyday adventures in the mountains or the nonsense with the pup, I wanted to make short videos about an idea that I have. Each episode will feature a new idea or problem that I’ve been thinking about or wrestling in my mind. This one is about how living in a vacation/ski town has changed my life. Check it out!

Future Episodes will touch on the following subjects: Go Hiking, All your videos will suck, Go out west, Supporting your local Bike Shop, Even if I fail and nothing comes from this, and Keeping yourself accountable.  

Hope you tag along, and enjoy this new 

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Salt Lake City, Utah [Video]

Spontaneous trip to visit some friends turned out to be a trip that far exceeded any expectations I had for Salt Lake. This place is out of an outdoorsman’s best dream. From the moment you fly into SLC, you notice all the incredible mountains that tower over the city.  Everything is shockingly close, which makes access to the mountains and all the its fun just 100x better. We were able to check out the Mormon Temple, the city at sunset, the Midway ice castles, snow shoeing near Layton, the beaches of the Great Salt Lake, and of course the endless …

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Big Air Skiing in Vermont

Go Big or go home right? … The famous last words from one of your buddies that always ends up in medical, at least once a ski season. Yet, we all keep pushing our limits to go bigger and bigger every time we are on the mountain or in the terrain park. Why is that? In my brief, but awesome immersion into skiing, I’ve seen people throw down some of the biggest tricks in person, and also seen some of the gnarliest crashes. Now, I know I don’t ski with professionals, but the stoke is all the same. So then, …

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Finding a Passion in Glade Skiing

“Whatever you do, don’t hit the trees. They don’t move when you hit’m.” A friend yelled back to me as he dropped in at the top of the line and disappeared into the woods. What followed that run was a passion for skiing that grew and grew even until this day. Glade skiing is just another phrase for skiing between the trees or in the woods. Half of you might be thinking, “Why would anyone want to do that?” While the other half knows exactly the feeling you get when charging through a fresh coating of snow as you bounce …

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Guide to Skiing Vermont

Skiing in the Northeast is known for icy slopes, overcrowded resorts, and bitter cold winter months, but we have to make do with what mother nature gives us. Last season I skied at Mount Snow, Stratton Mountain, and Okemo Mountain. All three are massive resorts that all have something special to offer. Snow, has an incredible terrain park and glade skiing. Stratton, divided the mountain in half which allows you to hit runs over and over again without having to end up all the way at the bottom. Okemo, has a massive footprint which allows for the dispersion of crowds. …

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