Kayak Camping | Afterwork Adventure [Video]

After work, on a Wednesday afternoon in the summer, we packed up the kayaks for our first kayak camping experience down at Seldon Neck State Park in Connecticut. The campsite was absolutely incredible and made for a night I will never forget. Cherry on top… made it into work the following day by 7:30AM!

It seems these days that activities like hiking, camping, skiing, mountain biking, and outdoor climbing are reserved for those “free” hours between 5PM on Friday to 5PM on Sunday. We pretty much only allot ourselves a 48 hour block to have fun each week, which most of the time gets consumed by menial tasks that usually involve the phrase “work around the house”. So why not get out and explore every single day of the week and truly live life?!
Excerpt from post: https://www.zacharykenney.com/2016/adventures/after-work-adventures-why-are-you-not/


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