Clubbing & Cliff Jumping in Ibiza, Spain

The party capital of the world, IBIZA. Home of beautiful beaches, gorgeous women, and, of course, the best clubbing. While my friends and I were traveling through Spain during our trip to Run with the bulls, we had to make a stop on the exotic island to knock it off the bucket list. We flew in from Barcelona and arrived around 10PM. After a few inaudible, phone calls, we finally met up with the guy we booked our AirBnB through, and it couldn’t have worked out any better. We got hooked up with a 3 bedroom flat that overlooked the ocean to our right and the main strip of Playa d’en Bossa clubbing haven to our left. By the time we got settled in, it was already time to get our party supplies and pregame for the club…which we found out people don’t even go until 2:00AM.

After a few Red Bull Jager Bombs later, we were heading into the #1 nightclub in the world, SPACE IBIZA. Room after room, bar after bar, DJ after DJ, this place was living up to the expectation. From what I could count, there were five uniquely different rooms/venues within the club itself. The first was a dimly lit lounge with accompanying melodic trance music. Then came a huge dance floor, to which I could only assume was the main DJ, but I was wrong. This lead out to the outdoor sections of the club, which hosted another DJ playing under IBIZA’s starry sky. Following a set of stairs brought us to a much more chill, rooftop bar that toted the majestic views of the beaches and mountains high above the club. Thinking this couldn’t get any better, we stumbled upon the holy grail of clubbing dance floors. An opera hall-like main room with a massive dance floor surrounded by bars on all sides, overlooked by the VIP section hanging from the ceiling. DJ Carl Cox headline a night filled with IBIZA’s famous house music. 6:00 AM came around and we all were funneling out to the beach to try and catch sunrise along  

The next morning we had one goal on our mind, cliff jumping. But we kept running into the problem of not only how we were going to get there, but get back to our flat. The idea kept getting thrown around to rent a big van to fit all 7 of us and just drive all over the island… and that’s exactly what we did. Walked right across the street, gave them my credit card, and after 30 minutes of a language barrier discussion, we were on the road in a 9-seater, diesel fiat van. Following a map, with some notes written in pen from the guy at the rental place, we made our way through the mountainous, desert landscape of the island to Caja Tarida. With no prior knowledge of this location, other than a quick google search that said people have cliff jumped there, we arrived only to be greeted by one of the most beautiful vistas in the world. A cove in the Mediterranean surrounded by mountains and cliffs with yachts and sailboats anchored in the distance. Across the hot sand we shuffled to the waterside where we saw a massive rock jut out from the ocean with a group guys jumping off of it. Alas, we found it. We were able to walk our way out to the rock with our bags over our heads like soldiers with their rifles wading through a river. It wasn’t that high of a  cliff jump, but damn was it the prettiest. Anchored sailboats to our right, white sandy beaches to our left, and nothing but crystal clear blue water below. Hours were spent jumping into that salty water, pushing off the sandy bottom, and climbing back up the rock formation. Other groups came and went, but there we were all day long.

When we finally had enough fun, we piled back into our van and headed along the coast to try to find some local eats. We found this beautiful restaurant, ran by a German woman and her French husband, with an incredible view of the Ibizan coast. After lunch, we returned our beloved van, and spent the rest of the evening at the beach. Even on the beaches do you hear the constant beat of house music coming from the beach clubs. Kite surfers and jet skis filled flew across the ocean. These two days could not have been any better; except for the fact that we thought Ibiza was 1 hour ahead the entire time, so when we went to return our key from our flat before left on the 6:30AM flight we accidentally woke the guy up at 3:30AM.

Off to Pamplona to Run with the Bulls!



Don’t Forget to:
-Buy the tickets on the street for all the clubs… you can’t buy cover at the door
-Know where to go cliff jumping before you get there. Hard to navigate without a GPS
-There is no fresh tap water on the island. All sinks & showers are salt water. Plan accordingly.
-Everyone is going to try to sell you something, just walk on and say you already have it.


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