Mid Mountain Trail | Park City Mountain Biking [Gallery]

From one side of Park City, to the other. Running South to North, from Deer Valley to Canyons. One trail, that covers well over 15miles of ski area terrain, and is now my new favorite trail in Park City. And even though I’ve ridden sections of this trail before, I’ve never linked the whole Mid Mountain Trail together. That is, until yesterday.

My buddy Bill and I used the Purple Line bus to shuttle ourselves up to the Montage at Deer Valley where we could hop on the Mid Mountain Trail. Sure, we could have left a car the side of the road and shuttled it ourselves, but why would you when the bus system here is primed for mountain bike shuttling.

Over the course of a few hours, Bill and I road our bikes along the contours of the Wasatch Back. The trail feels completely different than anything else in the town because once you’re on it, there’s no exhausting climbs, it’s just rolling hills for miles on end. Not to mention some of the rockiest terrain on any trail here. We climbed switchbacks under the cover of aspen leaves, crossed open runs that we skied on all winter, and hammered over rock gardens like we were back on the east coast. The trail just felt like home for the both of us.

With little to no other riders on the trail, it felt like we had it, and the mountain to ourselves. And sometimes, that’s all you can ask for. This trail is iconic for a reason, and I’d argue that it is more of a mountain bike trail than the Wasatch Crest Trail.

So go ahead, ride it, you be the judge!

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