Photo(s) of the Week | Skiing, Moab, Yant’s Flat, and Lake Tahoe

Every Friday I will be posting a Photo of the Week. Here I’ll be sharing the details on how I got the shot, where I was, and the backstory that went into it. I hope you find this enjoyable, and helpful in your own photography.

I came to the realization that I had been so far behind my photo uploads. So this week, I sat down, and started to compile all my best photos from some of my latest trips and share them.

First, is the trip to Lake Tahoe. Friends from back in Connecticut planned a vacation out West to ski Lake Tahoe. Seeing that it was “only” an 8hr drive, we were quick to jump on the opportunity. After stopping in Nevada to camp on the way out there, we quickly realized why they called the resort Heavenly. It is incredible to be able to see the stunning Lake Tahoe while shredding corn snow in a T-Shirt. Epic time, with some great friends!

Second, is the latest trip to Moab when my friend Vince came out to visit. This past weekend, one of my oldest friends came to visit Utah. Obviously we had to give him the full Utah experience. And for us, that meant camping in the desert. We hiked around to new waterfalls, different arches, and mostly spent time making big fires at camp. It was a trip I’m sure he’ll never forget, I know we won’t!

Third, is the trip Court and I took to the St. George area in February. Trying to escape the cold for a weekend, we headed south. Only to find snow on our tent every morning. But that didn’t stop us from exploring the most incredible view we’ve seen to-date in Utah. I cannot reccomend checking this place out enough. It is marvelous!

Last, is the best ski photos from this winter season. Which, if you’re not in the Utah area, is still in full swing! The cottonwoods have been getting feet still. FEET of snow! It’s insane. It’s nearly the end of May and people are still shredding the gnar!

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