Goals for 2020

2020, a new year, a new decade, a new me (right?). Well no, not exactly. Each year, for me, builds on the last. I don’t come up with absurd goals that I don’t think are achievable or realistic. I also try to make sure that these goals push me outside of my comfort zone and force me to get better at everything I do.

Even though most of my goals are in the mountains, and pushing my limits there, the real challenge is elsewhere. The real challenge is now completing all these goals with a new job. See, for the past 2 years, ever since I’ve lived in Utah, I’ve been working from home as an engineer, on east coast time. That meant I finished most days around 2-3PM, leaving plenty of time after work to crush as much vert and miles as I could handle. My new job is located here in Park City, UT and I’ll be working much longer, regular hours. 

So this means many more of these goals will involve dawn patrols and headlamps! Here are my goals for this year:

Ski Goals

  • Be on skis for 70+ Days (includes Resort, Backcountry, & XC skiing)
  • Ski descent of Mt. Superior
  • Check off 3 lines in the Chuting Gallery
  • Climb & Ski Mt. Rainer and Mt. Hood

Running Goals

  • Complete the WURL (Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup)
  • Compete in 4 Cirque Series Races
  • Run a couple races in the desert with Court
  • Run full Wasatch Crest Trail

Biking Goals

  • Commute to work 2x per week (when it stops snowing)
  • Compete in 6/8 Midweek MTB Races
  • Compete in 2/3 Mini-Enduro Races
  • Ride the Whole Enchilada


  • Post 50 blogs (82 posts in 2019)
  • Post more Trip Reports

Photography & Videos

  • Be more deliberate and go out to shoots for ski/bike/climb
  • Make a ski edit
  • Shoot MTB
  • Bring GoPro on every activity
  • Submit a film to a film festival
  • Complete the Grand Teton Film


  • Travel to Thailand
  • Take a trip to the Western Ski Towns of Colorado in Summer
  • Choose Wedding Destination for 2021

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