My Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails from 2020 | Ranked

2020 I spent a lot of time riding my mountain bike and I wanted to put together this list of my favorite/top 10 trails I rode this year. The trails span Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho. Of course there are so many more trails I rode that would love to top this list, but it’s hard to beat these trails. Check’m out and enjoy.

#1 Ribbon Trail – Grand Junction, CO

Flat out, this trail is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden. Wide open desert slaps that descend a thousand feet from the Colorado Plateau. Its been on my bucket list, and finally got to ride it! Check the video out below to get a taste of how incredible this ride really is.

#2 Free Lunch/Lunch Loops – Grand Junction, CO

Challenging. Absolutely pinned. This ride and area will put all your skills to the test. From sweeping flow trails to technical drops and rolls. You will definitely use all your travel on this trail, one way or another. Check out the video, and hold on to your handlebars.

#3 The Wasatch Crest Trail – Park City, UT

This is an Utah classic. To ride the entire ridgeline that towers high above the town of Park City where I live. We get to ride this trail, from door to door, climbing all the way up to the top of the mountain from town. And then we are gifted with a 4 thousand foot descent. It’s unforgettable every time.

#4 BYOB – Park City, UT

Does this trail climb and descend thousands of feet, no. It’s actually quite mellow, but it has everything… and it’s my local trail. I get to ride this trail at least once a week and love it more and more every time. A quick climb drops you into a trail that has flow, technical roller section, jumps, and loads of fun for me and Gregor both.

#5 101 Kleeway – Post Canyon, OR

Pacific North West (PNW) riding at its finest. This flow/jump trail was perfect for the entire group. The four of us, plus Gregor, road this trail and finished off with a smile stuck to our faces. The tabletops and transitions were perfect, so much flow to go around. Enough for us to go ride it again the next day while we were in Hood River, OR.

#6 The Grinder – Galena Lodge, ID

We made it up to Idaho twice last summer, and both times we ended on the Grinder trail. And both times ended up on The Grinder trail, and both times it kicked my A$$. Idaho riding, even for someone who lives in a mountain town, rides thousands of miles a year, always has trouble riding this place. The flow is hard to find, and that’s what makes it perfectly challenging.

#7 Rip & Tear – Galena Lodge, ID

Unlike the Grinder, Rip & Tear is just a pure blast of a downhill trail. It snakes through a drainage with little punchy sections as it rips downhill like a bobsled track. Then it jumps out of the woods to a traverse that overlooks the valley below.

#8 Grand Slam – Bend, OR

This trail was an absolute favorite from our road trip through Oregon. On our stop in Bend, this trail brought me back to my days learning how to mountain bike in West Hartford, CT. Sweeping hills that give you an endless fill of climbs and descents across rooty, rocky, technical terrain. It’s a blast of a trail without requiring a long day in the saddle.

#9 The Wow Trail – Midway, UT

This is another classic for those of us who ride Park City often. This trail, usually shuttled, will be 10 miles of descending down from Guardsman Pass into Wasatch State Park. It’s one of those trails that has something for everyone. We rode this as a group this year on the last weekend before the late fall snow came in for the year. And who can complain about 10 miles of downhill on a mountain bike. That’s pure type 1 fun all day long.

#10 Undertow – Deer Valley, UT

Having ridden this trail before at the Deer Valley downhill park, I never really appreciated it, until this year. With Covid closing the park during the early season, we spent a lot of nights riding this section of trail and falling more and more in love with it for one main reason… FLOW. This trail almost has too much flow, so much, that you can forget to hit the brakes and easily end up carving down this trail at 25mph. The berms are perfect, the trail is wide, and lets be real, the flow state is almost a guarantee!

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