Our Desert Engagement | Ding & Dang Canyon

To say that I was nervous might be the understatement of the century. I couldn’t sleep the night before and my hands were shaking the entire hike leading up to the moment. Little did I know that the hard part wasn’t going to be asking Courtney to marry me, rather the descent through Dang Canyon turned out to be 10x more difficult. All said and done, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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Full MOAB Adventure Weekend | Climb/Bike/SUP/Camp

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loaded up the truck for a weekend trip with excess gear in hopes that we’d get to use it. You know, toss the climbing gear in, just in case we have time to send a route or two. Or the cumbersome addition of the bike on the rack, only to run out out of time and not get to use it. Well this past weekend wasn’t one of those times. Just like so many of those other trips, I loaded up the truck with all the gear to have an epic weekend, …

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One Year Older | A Desert Birthday Adventure [Video]

My girlfriend is the most amazing person. She’s always gone over the top to make my birthday special. So this year, I decided to make her birthday one she’ll never forget. I convinced 2 of our friends to join us down in the desert where we’d camp, hike, and ride a Polaris RzR around the Moab off-roading trails! The cold winter weather threatened our plans, with overnight temps in the teens. It was going to be a wild weekend, and that doesn’t even begin to capture how wild the RzR was!

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